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Studying in Germany for Indian Students + CHALLENGES and OPPORTUNITIES

studying in germany for indian students

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Are you considering studying abroad? Germany beckons Indian students with its world-class universities, free tuition for public schools, and post-study job prospects. This Abroadin article explores the exciting opportunities of studying in Germany for Indian students and the challenges they might face when pursuing higher education in this country. Let’s get to them.   In this guide:
  • Germany is an Affordable Option for Internationals
  • German Universities Have better Acceptance Rate than Indian Ones
  • Indian Students in Germany can Work while Studying
  • Career Opportunities after Studying in Germany for Indian Students
  • Healthcare in Germany for International Students
  • Language Barrier while studying in Germany for Indian Students
  • Germany is a World Hub for International Students
  • Working after Graduation in Germany
  • Grades Problem when Studying in Germany for Indian Students
  • Cost of Living in Germany for International Students
  • Conclusion

Germany is an Affordable Option for Internationals

While Germany boasts world-class universities with competitive admissions, the affordability factor remains a hidden gem. Public universities typically waive tuition fees entirely, making them accessible to international students regardless of their nationality. This policy, introduced in 2014, has significantly boosted Germany’s popularity among international students, with over a third choosing it specifically for its free education. At the same time, Indian universities have varying tuition fees, ranging from €3,000 to €7,100 per year. For Indian students especially, this means avoiding student loans and associated burdens on their families. The main costs become living expenses and semester fees, significantly reducing the overall financial pressure compared to studying abroad elsewhere. if you want to know about how to stay in Germany after graduation read this article:

German Universities Have Better Acceptance Rates than Indian Ones

While Germany and India offer accredited universities, the admissions process can differ. Getting into a top Indian university can be very competitive, with lower acceptance rates than some world-class universities. Germany, on the other hand, may present a more achievable option. While acceptance rates vary between universities in Germany, they generally tend to be less competitive than those in India. It’s important to remember that acceptance depends on your academic qualifications and the specific program you’re applying for. Researching acceptance rates for your desired program at German and Indian universities can help you compare your chances. Here are some additional factors to consider:
  • Course requirements: Some programs in Germany may have specific prerequisites like standardized tests or prior coursework.
  • Language proficiency: Both countries may require proof of language proficiency, German for Germany and English for India in most cases.
Considering all these factors, you can decide which country best fits your academic goals.  

Indian Students in Germany can Work while Studying

Unlike India, where international students can’t get work permits while studying, Germany allows them to work part-time. In Germany, international students can legally work up to 20 hours a week (or 120 days a year) alongside their studies. Working part-time is more than just earning money to cover living expenses. It also equips students with valuable work experience and skills that boost their careers after graduation. indian students in germany

Career Opportunities after Studying in Germany for Indian Students

Landing a job after graduation looks much brighter in Germany than in India. In Germany, the employment rate for graduates is around 92%, a stark contrast to India’s 76%. This translates to a significantly higher chance of finding full-time employment after graduating from a German university. Beyond the immediate benefits, studying in Germany equips you with valuable skills that boost your long-term career prospects. Employers prize graduates with a global mindset, adaptability, and intercultural communication skills – all honed by the experience of studying abroad. A German degree opens doors to a broader world of opportunities. German universities and their graduates hold a strong reputation, leading to an impressive employability rate in the global market. The prestige of your German institution adds weight to your resume, increasing your appeal to potential employers. Companies trust the quality of education German universities provide, giving you a clear edge in the job market.  

Healthcare in Germany for International Students

Considering healthcare is essential for international students, Germany offers a significant advantage. Germany has a well-regarded healthcare system that is accessible to all residents through mandatory health insurance. This contrasts with India’s healthcare system, which faces challenges like overcrowding and limited resources. While private healthcare can address some of these issues, it often comes with a high price tag.  

Language Barrier while studying in Germany for Indian Students

Language is a consideration for international students in both Germany and India. While German is the official language in Germany, English is widely spoken, making communication easier for Indian students. One advantage Indian students have studying domestically is the elimination of language barriers. However, studying abroad in Germany offers the opportunity to improve your German language skills significantly through everyday interactions.  

Germany is a World Hub for International Students

Although India attracts international students, the number is lower than that of other popular destinations. India has around 50,000 international students from 170 countries, whereas Germany welcomes over 450,000. This chart compares the international and Indian students studying in Germany from 2020 to 2024 years:
YearInternational StudentsIndian Students
2023-2024Not released yet
  As you can see, the number of Indian students choosing German universities has been on the rise. The number of Indian students in Germany has grown by almost 50% over the past five years!  

Working after Graduation in Germany

Staying and working after graduation is a significant deciding factor. Germany offers a clear advantage for international students seeking post-study employment. Obtaining a work visa in India after graduation can take time, and there is no guarantee of success. In contrast, Germany grants international graduates a generous 18-month post-study visa to find a job. This extended time allows graduates to explore opportunities and build their careers in Germany. studying in germany for indian students

Grades Problem when Studying in Germany for Indian Students

Regarding assessing academic performance, India and Germany take very different approaches. In India, the grading system revolves around percentages. Students are heavily rewarded for rote memorization and their ability to reproduce factual information presented exactly as it appears in textbooks. This method prioritizes achieving high marks on tests and exams by regurgitating memorized content rather than encouraging a deeper understanding of the subject matter. In contrast, Germany uses a 6-point grading scale where 1 is the most robust performance and 6 is the weakest. This system incorporates a nuance not found in the Indian system, with positive and negative variations within each grade level. For instance, a student might receive a 1.7 or a 2.3, indicating a slight distinction in their performance relative to the base grade. Within the German system, anything below -3 is generally considered failing, demonstrating a much stricter standard for unacceptable work. Even scores lower than 4, though technically passing, require a student to retake the course, reflecting a higher emphasis on mastery before moving on to more advanced topics. These contrasting approaches highlight the underlying philosophies of education in each country. The Indian system prioritizes memorization and factual recall, potentially preparing students for standardized tests but not necessarily fostering critical thinking or in-depth analysis. On the other hand, the German system, emphasizing understanding and nuanced evaluation, may aim to cultivate a more profound knowledge base and analytical skills that can be applied beyond the classroom.  

Cost of Living in Germany for International Students

The cost of living is a significant factor in studying in Germany for Indian students. While India boasts a significantly lower cost of living than the global average, it’s important to consider average wages. In India, you can expect to spend around €300-€500 per month on necessities, whereas Germany falls within the €800-€1000 range. However, Germany’s cost of living varies depending on your chosen city. From an international student’s perspective, Germany might be more affordable than other popular destinations. Daily expenses like food, entertainment, and transportation are generally reasonable. Shared accommodation can also help reduce housing costs. A significant advantage for Indian students in Germany is the ability to work part-time while studying, which can significantly ease financial burdens. if you want to know about German student visa for Indian students read this article:


Germany presents a compelling option for Indian students seeking a high-quality, affordable education abroad. From the chance to live in a technologically advanced nation to the potential for post-study employment, Germany offers a unique and rewarding experience. By carefully considering the challenges and opportunities of studying in Germany for Indian students, Abroadin is trying to empower you to make an informed decision about your future. If you want to receive more guides like this in your mailbox, enter your email address in the field below and press the Subscribe button.

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