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green card after graduation

Green Card after Graduation in the US + F-1 Visa to Green Card

Suppose you are an international student living and studying in the United States and considering staying in the country to work, further your studies. In that case, you may want
Visa Requirements for indians

Visa Requirements for Indians + Canada Travel Ban 2022

If you are an Indian student and need to get a study permit for Canada, you should know about Canada’s student visa requirements for Indians and their conditions. This post
dependent visa

All about Dependent Visa and its Limits in Europe

One of the biggest reasons people go abroad is to provide their families with a better living. Many countries created the Dependent Visa as a powerful tool to help families
student visa rejection

Student Visa Rejection + 22 Common Reasons

If your student visa was rejected the first time, you could re-apply it. Many students get the Student Visa the second time around whose visa applications were denied the first
age for admission

Importance of Age for Admission and Student Visa

I am 40 years old and want to get admission to a good university. Is it possible? Many people ask such questions; people who are older or even younger than
Canada Acceptable Gap

Canada Acceptable Gap for International Students

If you plan to continue your higher education in Canada, you should first get your student visa; however, Canadian authorities consider the gap between your past studies and your future
effective proposal letter

How to Write an Effective Proposal Letter

Writing a proposal letter might seem simple. It would help if you introduced yourself, write a few details about the project, and provide a price for your services. If you’re
popular majors in canada

Most Popular Majors in Canada + Tuition Costs and Potential Jobs

The most popular majors in Canada are the majors with the most employability and highest salaries. This article ranks the top ten bachelor’s degrees based on the highest average wages
how to write an impressive SOP

How to Write an Impressive SOP or Statement of Purpose

A Statement of Purpose (SOP) reflects your personality that you portray in front of the admission committee to enroll in universities abroad. Your chance of impressing the admission committee by
types of academic papers

6 Types of Academic Papers and Journal Articles

If you are a university student or scholar, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the different types of academic papers and articles published by journals. From case studies to short

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