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Month: April 2023

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cost of student insurance

Cost of Student Insurance + How to Buy Insurance in Canada

The Medical Services Plan is the public health insurance for Canadians, which international students can use too. This plan covers doctor visits, hospital visits, and medically required services. This post
types of scholarships in Canada

7 Types of Scholarships in Canada for International Students

International students can finance their studies in Canada through scholarships, which are non-repayable financial awards. Scholarship and fellowship funding for international students who wish to study in this country is
study abroad programs in Canada

Study Abroad Programs in Canada 2023: Opportunities for Education

Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity to expand your horizons, gain new perspectives, and experience a different way of life. Canada is an increasingly popular destination for international students seeking
scholarship requirements for International students

What are the Scholarship Requirements for International Students in Canada?

The process of applying for studies in Canada can be overwhelming and expensive. We put together this article about scholarship requirements for international students in Canada to help you apply
Loans for Study Abroad

Loans for Study Abroad for Indian Students

Indian students are willing to study abroad; however, the financial obstacles prevent them from pursuing their dreams. If you also are looking for loans to study abroad, we have some

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If you intend to continue studying abroad, we will accompany you on this journey and show you the easiest way.

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