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What are the Scholarship Requirements for International Students in Canada?

scholarship requirements for International students

Table of Contents

The process of applying for studies in Canada can be overwhelming and expensive. We put together this article about scholarship requirements for international students in Canada to help you apply easier. So if you’re planning to study in Canada and want to know the scholarship requirements for international students in this country, keep reading.


In this guide:

  • Entry Requirements for Canadian Universities
  • The Basic Requirements for Admission
  • The Scholarship Requirements for International Students
    • The CanadaVisa Study Hub $500 Scholarship Contest
    • Global Affairs International Scholarship Opportunities for Non-Canadians
    • Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s Program
    • Ontario Graduate Scholarship
    • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship
    • Ontario Trillium Scholarship
    • School-Specific Scholarship Awards
  • Conclusion


The government of Canada and many post-secondary schools and institutions offer international students opportunities to gain scholarships, awards, and grants to finance their education and even living fees in this country.

Unlike a loan, money received from an award or scholarship does not need to be repaid. However, you have to meet some university requirements to be eligible for obtaining a scholarship or award. So let’s start with some entry requirements.

 scholarship requirements for International students

Entry Requirements for Canadian Universities

The admission process in Canada may differ from what you have in your country, so make sure you consult the university to apply if you have specific questions. In the meantime, these are some entry requirements to get started:


1. Choose a Program that Suits You

First of all, choose the degree which is right for you. Almost every program in Canada will be taught in the English language. Whether you’re an undergraduate or graduated, there are some degrees in many fields across disciplines. Canada is internationally renowned for many programs, including business, science, and humanities.


2. Prepare the Intended Papers

A letter of motivation, a recommendation letter, and a previous work portfolio are among the necessary documents commonly required by all universities in Canada. Institutions and universities will also require proof of completion of prior studies.

To meet this requirement, send the given university an official transcript from your secondary school if you’re starting a bachelor’s or your previous university if you’re pursuing a master’s degree or higher. If you’re not a native English speaker, you may also need to pass an English proficiency test successfully.


3. Check Admission Requirements

Depending on the institution or university, specific documentation could be required. Always consult the given university’s website for particular needs and contact the university office if you have any questions.


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In Canada, admissions and applications are handled by the university to which you are applying. Potential students are welcomed to apply for several different universities and programs at a time.


4. Submit Your Application

Most applications to universities in Canada are made through an online system. Application forms are available through university websites. Sometimes you should pay an application too. After you’ve completed the application form, add the necessary papers or prepare to mail them to the institution.


5. It’s Time to Be Admitted

Results of admissions are often announced by the end of spring. If you are studying at a private university, they usually ask you to pay the first semester’s tuition fees. Otherwise, the university where you will proceed with your studies will send you admission confirmation for visa purposes, an official letter of admission, and other information about studying in Canada.

6. Now Apply for Visa

Upon acceptance into the university, begin the visa application process as soon as possible. Don’t wait, because the process can take up to sixty days and requires several important papers. International students may not enter and stay in Canada if they don’t have a proper visa.

After you’ve been admitted and have received the visa, it’s time to go to Canada. Consider the cost of living in Canada and your budget. Once you have that, you can begin looking for accommodation.

 scholarship requirements for International students


The Basic Requirements for Admission

While every institution has its international students’ criteria, all applicants worldwide have some basic admission requirements. The followings are standard criteria for admission to Canadian universities:


For Bachelor’s Degrees

  • Flexible admission,
  • IELTS score, 6 to 6.5 overall,
  • Or TOEFL score, PBT: 550 min. CBT: 213 min.


For Master’s Degrees

  • 2 to 3 years full-time work experience,
  • GMAT score, 580 to 600 min.,
  • Or IELTS score, 6.5 overall,
  • Or TOEFL score, PBT: 580 to 600 min. CBT: 237 to 250 min.,
  • Four years Bachelor’s degree, 70% average,
  • Some institutions may require written samples or copies of published work, portfolios, etc.


The Scholarship Requirements for International Students

There are specific scholarship requirements for international students in every Canadian university. Following are requirements of popular scholarships for international students.

You should note that the requirements stated in this article may change. It is recommended that you contact the university or organization for international students’ latest scholarship requirements and updated information.


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The CanadaVisa Study Hub $500 Scholarship Contest

The CanadaVisa Scholarship Contest allows members of the CanadaVisa Study Hub to win USD 500. Every month a member is randomly selected. The contest is designed to support international students and post-graduate workers in Canada.

This contest is offered in the Study Hub. This online portal provides many resources and tools to international students looking to make the best of their time in Canada as international graduates and students.


Eligibility Requirements for the CanadaVisa Study Hub Scholarship

  • It would help if you were a new member of the CanadaVisa Study Hub,
  • Have a valid study permit or post-graduation work permit,
  • Provide proof of enrolment at a post-secondary university in Canada.


Global Affairs International Scholarship Opportunities

In its commitment to participate in research partnerships, Canada collaborates with organizations worldwide to support international education through Canada’s post-secondary institutions’ opportunities.

The value of scholarship offered by Global Affairs Canada varies depending on the duration and level of study. Generally, scholarships range from USD 7200 to USD 14700 for people who have scholarship requirements for international students in Canada.


Eligibility Requirements for Global Affairs International Scholarship

To apply for various scholarships, awards, and fellowships offered through Global Affairs Canada, you should separately consult each scholarship criterion. Also, many scholarships require to apply to the destination institution. Therefore, it is essential to prepare all the necessary documents and coordinate with the destination school.


Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s Program

The Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s Program (CGS M) scholarship program is open to international students on permanent residence status to support their researches in health, natural sciences and engineering, and social sciences or humanities.

This award is worth USD 17000 for up to 12 months. Annually, the program helps up to USD 2000 students enrolled in eligible Canadian academic institutions.


Eligibility Requirements for Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s Program

  • To apply for the CGS M, you should be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of this country;
  • be enrolled in, have applied, or will apply for full-time admission to an eligible program at the masters or doctoral level in Canada at a university with a CGS M allocation;
  • It would help if you were not a past recipient of CGS M (some exceptions apply);
  • As determined by the host institution, each of the last two completed years of study (full-time equivalent) has achieved a first-class average.


Ontario Graduate Scholarship

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship or OGS helps graduate students fund their studies in a participating Canadian post-secondary institution. The award is valued at USD 10000 and USD 15000 depending on the number of terms in a study program.

This scholarship is funded by Ontario’s provincial government and the school where the student will attend.

A prospective recipient is evaluated based on scholarship requirements for international students and academic standing, research skills, and volunteer or leadership experience.

Ontario spends approximately USD 30 million every year to support the OGS program.


Eligibility Requirements for Ontario Graduate Scholarship

  • If you want to be considered for this scholarship, you should enroll in a graduate program at the masters or doctoral level;
  • be registered in full-time studies for two or more terms for the academic of application;
  • be on a valid study permit;
  • attend a participating Ontario school.


Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship or Vanier CGS program is valued at USD 50000. This fund is per year for three years of doctoral studies at a post-secondary institution in Canada.

The Canadian government introduced the Vanier CGS in 2008 to attract world-class talent to Canada and establish Canada as prime research and higher education locale. The government selects up to 167 new recipients every year.


Eligibility Requirements for Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Scholars are chosen based on academic education and leadership skills at a graduate level. If you want to be considered as a Vanier scholar, you must:

  • enroll in a PhD-level program at a Canadian school;
  • meet evaluation criteria for leadership, academic excellence, and research potential;
  • receive a nomination from the destination post-secondary school of choice.


Ontario Trillium Scholarship

The Government of Ontario introduced the Ontario Trillium Scholarship or OTS program to help bring the best performing international students to Ontario for completing their Ph.D. studies.

OTS awards are USD 40000 each year and are automatically renewable every three years following the first year. It is essential that a recipient has scholarship requirements for international students and maintains good academic standing and continues to meet the OTS eligibility requirement.


Eligibility Requirements for Ontario Trillium Scholarship

  • It would help if you held a valid Canadian study permit to qualify for the OTS;
  • intend to proceed full-time graduate studies at the doctoral level in a credible program;
  • have outstanding research experience and potential combined with an excellent university academic record;
  • Be present and registered full-time in the Ph.D. program at the post-secondary school by the award’s start date and for the program’s complete duration.


School-Specific Scholarship Awards

Universities and colleges of Canada may offer unique entrance scholarships to international students. The awards and fellowships are mostly merit-based and have specific criteria based on academic standing and study duration.


If you could meet scholarship requirements for international students in Canada, some famous awards include:

  • Humber College International Entrance Scholarships worth between USD 1000 and USD 1500.
  • University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships range from USD 14000 to USD 18000 (depending on Master’s or PhD-level).
  • University of Calgary Graduate Awards of USD 1000 to USD 40000 across various fields of study.
  • UBC Graduate Global Leadership scholarships to citizens of developing countries valued at USD 18200 per year for four years in doctoral studies at the University of British Columbia.
  • Dalhousie University Scholarships of up to USD 40000 offered to international students pursuing the university.

 scholarship requirements for International students


This article discusses all scholarship requirements for international students in Canadian universities. It also discusses entry requirements and the basic requirements for admission in Canada.

Keep in mind that the eligibility requirements and application package often differs from one scholarship to the next. Some scholarships may require a personal essay or request references. Some may offer scholarships based on academic performance, extracurricular achievements, or other skills.

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