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Job Opportunities in Canada for International Students + 10 Highest-paid Part-time Jobs

job opportunities in canada

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Canada is a high-valued study destination for many international students who wish to graduate from a Bachelor’s or Master’s program from a high-ranked university. If you want to do so and consider studying in Canada, you may also look for employment options during your education program. If you search for employment and job opportunities in Canada for international students, keep reading this article.


In this guide:

  • Working for International Students in Canada
  • Job Opportunities in Canada for International Students
  • 10 Highest-paid Part-time Jobs for International Students
  • Practical Tips for International Students to Work in Canada
  • Conclusion

job opportunities in canada

Working for International Students in Canada

If you’re an international student in Canada, find a proper job, which you can pursue while studying for your degree. This way, you can financially support yourself while focusing on your studies and adding a bonus to your resume for the future.

However, you need to know the working regulations and where to look to find a student job as an international student. In the following, you find information about the job opportunities in Canada during the year or holidays and where to look for them.

After you begin your studies, you can work both on and off-campus. Keep in mind that as a student, you are allowed to work under the following conditions:

  • part-time job during semesters: up to 20 hours per week;
  • full-time job during holidays: up to 40 hours per week.


You even can apply for an internship position or add special attention to your resume by volunteering. Thanks to Canada’s many support programs, these opportunities can be easy to reach, even for an international student.

The most widespread support program for finding a job as an international student in Canada is the Youth Employment Strategy, which concentrates on three streams:

  • Skills Link,
  • Career Focus,
  • and Canada Summer Jobs.


If you’re looking for a summer or part-time job as an international student in Canada, first, you should make sure you are eligible for that. To qualify for a job off-campus, you should have the following criteria:

  • Have a social insurance number (SIN);
  • Be a full-time student with a study permit;
  • Be registered at a designated learning institution (DLI) at the post-secondary level or, you must study in a vocational program in Quebec;
  • Be in an academic or professional training program that finishes in a certificate or a degree.


If you want to work on-campus, you don’t require a work permit or a social insurance number, and you can also exceed the 20 hours per week limit during semesters.



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Job Opportunities in Canada for International Students

Before you start searching for job opportunities in Canada you should get a Social Insurance Number or SIN, which will require working. It’s helpful if you also had it to have access to the national programs and other benefits.

Some specific jobs require a minimum age which differs according to the provinces of Canada.

Besides writing your resume, cover letter and preparing for the interviews, you can check out the websites for career opportunities.

There also is a hidden job market in Canada, based on recommendations, so you are advised to develop your intended network and make connections with people that can help you. A few ways to expand your network include:

  • Doing volunteer work;
  • Joining a professional/student association or committee;
  • Participating in information sessions and business meetings.

There may be opportunities you will not find a job in your field of study, but maybe you will profit from a well-paid opportunity. These are six examples of job opportunities in Canada and their pay you may find as an international student:

  • Bookkeeper: about USD 20 per hour
  • Human resources assistant: about USD 10 per hour
  • Educational interpreter: about USD 10 per hour
  • Aquarium interpreter: about USD 10 per hour
  • Office assistant: about USD 10 per hour
  • Sales assistant: about USD 10 per hour


There are also some summer jobs for students in Canada, including:

  • Entertainment activities coordinator: about USD 12 per hour
  • Reading program leader: approximately USD 12 per hour
  • Recreation facilitator: about USD 12 per hour
  • Program facilitator: about USD 10 per hour
  • Camp counselor: about USD 10 per hour
  • Painter: about USD 10 per hour

Do you want to know about Challenges of International Students in Canada? read this article:

job opportunities in canada

10 Highest-paid Part-time Jobs in Canada

Working part-time is a blessing for international students. It helps them afford the costs of studying in Canada. As you cannot work full-time, it would be great to choose part-time job opportunities in Canada that pay more with flexible work time.

Some part-time jobs offer you flexibility so that you can set your schedule to complete the work. Furthermore, part-time jobs help you acquire significant work experience even when you are studying.

Some of the best part-time jobs for international students are:


  1. Freelancer

Pay: USD 25.60 per hour

A university student can work as a freelance writer, graphic designer, or take up any other freelance job they are experienced along with their studies. Some freelance jobs offer significant compensation.


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  1. Translator

Pay: USD 21.16 per hour

If you can read, write and speak fluently in more than one language, translation can be an excellent skill for finding a job. You may work either independently or in an organization.


  1. Teacher’s Assistant

Pay: USD 15.65 per hour

Many teachers in Canada hire assistants to help them with various tasks such as tutoring students, devising lesson plans, updating paperwork, and grading student. Those students with one year of experience in a university and organizational skills may find it easier to work as a teacher’s assistant.


  1. Tutor

Pay: USD 15.00 per hour

If you are interested in some subjects and love teaching, the tutor is the best part-time job. Starting from students at the elementary school level, you may choose to teach students up to the university level. You may teach independently or work as part of an educational program. Tutoring allows you to practice the skills that you already have and develop new ones.


  1. Nanny

Pay: USD 14.67 per hour

Taking care of children is a great part-time work option for you if you enjoy being with children and taking care of them. The tasks nanny should do include picking them up from school, being with them at home, preparing meals, putting them to sleep, and more. Hours in this job are flexible, and you may choose to do your homework while the children rest.


  1. Dog Walker

Pay: USD 14.16 per hour

Imagine how fun it would be to get paid for taking care of dogs! The job is relatively more flexible as the dog walkers may work on-call. An advantage of the job is that the time commitment required is negligible. You may need to walk a dog for about one hour. You may also offer pet-sitting services if the owner wants to be away for a certain number of days.


  1. Uber driver

Pay: USD 14.00 per hour

Uber driver has become one of the popular part-time job opportunities in Canada among international students. To work as an Uber driver, you should have a car, a smartphone, and at least 21 years. The most productive work times are during early mornings, evenings, and weekends. The earning depends on how frequently you drive.


  1. Salesperson

Pay: USD 12.42 per hour

If you like to talk with people and convince them, you should get a salesperson job. Working as a salesperson may also help you to acquire additional skills. However, how much you make may depend on where you work. Some salesperson jobs are commission-based, and these allow you to have more control over your income. If you sell more, you earn more.


  1. Barista

Pay: USD 11.41 per hour

Working as a barista is one of the best job opportunities in Canada for students. If you like to work in fun environments, there is no better place than a coffee shop. Flexible working hours are an added advantage other than decent pay.


  1. Server

Pay: USD 11.00 per hour (plus tips)

The server is a job that students usually take up as working hours are flexible. Usually, the work will be during weekends and weeknights. Though the wage is not much, they may get a significant amount as a tip. How much you earn depends on the establishment, the working time, and the day. Usually, a bartender or server makes between USD 75 and USD 200 in tips per night.


Practical Tips for International Students to Work in Canada

These are some helpful tips for international students who are hunting job opportunities in Canada for fair pay:

  • Be extremely specific about your experience, knowledge, and skills in the job application form. Also, it is essential to add references to your resume.
  • Choose your summer job very carefully since it may determine the position you will have next year. Try to find employment as close to your field of study as possible.
  • During your employment, pay attention, make a good impression, and, if it’s the case, show interest in a future collaboration with your employer.
  • After graduation, you are eligible to apply for a post-graduation work permit that allows you to work in this country for up to three years. At the time of the application, you should have a valid study permit and apply within 90 days of your final grade release.

if you need information about Canada Acceptable Gap for International Students read this article:


Working in Canada during your studies will be an experience that will help you adapt to this country’s culture faster while you receive a decent salary for your tuition fees and living costs.

This guide covers all you should know about job opportunities in Canada for international students and how to find them quickly. We also mentioned the ten highest-paid part-time jobs to keep your path clear in hunting employment in Canada.

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