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Canada Acceptable Gap for International Students

Canada Acceptable Gap

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If you plan to continue your higher education in Canada, you should first get your student visa; however, Canadian authorities consider the gap between your past studies and your future ones in Canada. How long is Canada acceptable gap for international students to get a visa? This article answers this question.


In this guide:

  • Studying in Canada for International Students
  • What is the Study Gap?
  • The Most Common Reasons for Study Gap
  • Required Documents for Canada Acceptable Gap
  • How to Fix Canada Acceptable Gap for Visa
  • Conclusion

Canada Acceptable Gap

Studying in Canada for International Students

Canada is a top destination for university students looking for a less expensive alternative to studying globally than they might find in the United States.

Canadian colleges and universities are now providing equally prestigious degrees as those in the US, often at a more affordable cost with some of the best universities in the world.

Canadians place a tremendous amount of importance on learning, and Canada’s education standards are uniformly high.

Over 100 universities in this country, five of which, the University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Columbia, Université de Montréal, and University of Alberta, are ranked among the top 100 globally.

However, some issues may cause a problem during the process of applying for a student visa and study permit; one of the most common of them is the gap, but what is the gap, and how long is the Canada acceptable gap for international students?

What is the Study Gap?

The study gap is the period between your last studies and the future ones. Imagine you have graduated in 2019 and want to apply for admission in 2022; here, you have a gap of about three years.

When we want to file a study visa for another country, Canada, this is the most critical question you should ask, How long is the gap in your studies, or is there even a gap there.

Many school students take a year off after 12th for Government exam or Medical, or they even fail in their first year of studies, or you might be involved in some work post your examinations. So this is what is defined as a gap between studies.

Now the question stands, is a study gap acceptable in Canada? If you are aiming for a study permit in this country, Colleges, universities, or immigration offices may ask about the study gap.

An extended study period may prove to be challenging for the given university. However, the Canadian educational system is quite flexible regarding these matters.


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The gap of up to 2 years is satisfactory for Undergraduate applicants, and the gap of up to 5 years is adequate for postgraduate applicants.

There are a few exceptions to some international students who have shown their field of study exceptional expertise.

If you have some work experience, you can show it to the given college, university, or immigration officer to prove your study gap.


The Most Common Reasons for Study Gap

A study gap may have occurred for many different reasons. Generally, students take it after secondary school and before continuing their path toward an undergraduate program.

The year drop gives them enough time to plan for the national entry-level tests with no critical factor from colleges or universities.

Many students drop out for a whole year after their graduation. They regularly take up advanced courses, volunteer for charitable efforts, entry-level positions, and so forth.

Reasons for the study gap can change, starting with one candidate than in the next. The most common reasons are:

Medical Issues, Canada Acceptable Gap

If there should be a miss like accidents or severe sickness, a student has taken a break from continuing his studies. While applying for your visa, you must prove the problems you faced during your case administrator gap.

Family Situations

One can’t neglect a family issue, which can severely interrupt your studies. So while applying for a study visa, be honest with the officer and describe everything to him by providing him with all information.

Reappearing for Tests

Sometimes, a student may wish to give a specific test to improve his score or wager better possibilities. In such a case, you need to present a valid avocation to your case officer.

Also, you must not overlook mentioning the same in your statement of purpose.

Work Experience, Canada Acceptable Gap

Taking a recess after completing a particular course or program to do work for a fixed period could clarify his case.

It also guarantees the success of your Canada study permit by way of a relevant experience letter, offers a letter, and the payslips you have.

Preparation for Government Jobs

Sometimes, after graduation from high school, students take a gap year to invest energy searching for government jobs and preparing for many government tests.


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It could be a potential explanation, and with appropriate defense, the case can be disclosed effectively to the case officer.

Canada Acceptable Gap

Required Documents for Canada Acceptable Gap

To prove you have Canada acceptable gap between your graduation and your upcoming studies, you may offer the following documents to the officials:

  • Wage slips,
  • Letter of appointment,
  • Admission letter of given university,
  • Diploma, certificate, mark sheets, or any short documents.


Canada is a welcoming country for students from around the world, and the education system is unique in its way. Having practical experience in your home country is an advantage for any student going there for higher studies.

Studying in Canada needs to be planned, and the proper guidance you would require at every step. The followings are required documents for a Canadian visa for international students:

  • Medical results,
  • COE (Council of Europe),
  • Educational documents,
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose),
  • Gap justification if necessary,
  • IELTS, 6 for UG and 6.5 for PG,
  • Immigration or embassy forms,
  • GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate).


The gap is not a problem if it is because of the genuine reason you were doing something prolific within that period.

All you need is to describe your case well before the college and the Embassy of Canada.

Once you provide officials with the above documents and have covered the gap nicely, there is no problem getting the study permit from Canada. The study permit for Canada costs about CAD 150.

Studying in Canada requires a study permit. Once you go to this country, a study permit is issued for you.

The international student must first apply for a study visa provided by the Canadian High Commission to get the study permit.

The applications are available both online and offline. The charge should be paid when the application is submitted, or a fee receipt of online payment is given.

Canada Acceptable Gap

How to Fix Canada Acceptable Gap for Visa

Students intending to apply for a Canada study visa in 2022 must first and foremost provide their study visa experts with legitimate and reasonable explanations for the study gap.

Besides, depending on your reasons, your case official would propose various reports or explanations that can be clarified well in your SOP (statement of purpose).

In the event of the issues mentioned above, your gap can be clarified through SOP and the official data required to prove it.

 Every international student willing to study in Canada requires a temporary inhabitant VISA, which the Canadian High Commission gives.

The study visa application can be delivered online also offline and can cost you about $150.

Remember that Canada recognizes the students with a gap of 2 years for undergraduate programs and five years for postgraduate programs.

Nonetheless, the years of study gap may vary from one college to another. Everything relies on the methods of the colleges and the justification of the study gap.

Assuming you have some work insight, you can show it to the college and embassy to prove your study gap.



A gap is a duration between your last requirement and to date. However, how long is Canada Acceptable Gap in 2022? You must be thinking about what happens to your application if there is a gap in the study. It is a problematic question when you plan to study in Canada or, for that matter, any country. This article went deep into the issue and helped you determine what is considered a gap and how to tackle this problem. If you have any more questions, share them with us in the comments below.


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