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Month: December 2022

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top business school in europe

Top Business Schools in Europe + All You Need to Know for 2021

MBA is among the most popular higher education paths in the world. Graduate students from MBA are some of the most sought for graduates too. There are excellent business schools
effective proposal letter

How to Write an Effective Proposal Letter

Writing a proposal letter might seem simple. It would help if you introduced yourself, write a few details about the project, and provide a price for your services. If you’re
popular majors in canada

Most Popular Majors in Canada + Tuition Costs and Potential Jobs

The most popular majors in Canada are the majors with the most employability and highest salaries. This article ranks the top ten bachelor’s degrees based on the highest average wages
working limits in Europe

Working Limits in Europe for International Students

If international students do not have the funds to cover all costs of studying abroad, they can consider a part-time job. Part-time employment helps pay for academic and living expenses.
best country for study abroad

Why is Canada the Best Country for Study Abroad

Canada is a top-rated destination for thousands of international students with an excellent educational system, world-class multicultural cities, vast wilderness, and above all, a culture of tolerance and diversity. Maybe
how to write an impressive SOP

How to Write an Impressive SOP or Statement of Purpose

A Statement of Purpose (SOP) reflects your personality that you portray in front of the admission committee to enroll in universities abroad. Your chance of impressing the admission committee by
challenges for international students in canada

5 Challenges of International Students in Canada

For many international students, studying abroad is their first time living away from home. On top of managing university workload in another country, they have to learn to manage other
free universities in Europe

Free Universities in Europe for International Students in 2022

If you wish to study in Europe, you should know there are excellent free universities in Europe for both domestic and international students. You could have just pay a few
types of academic papers

6 Types of Academic Papers and Journal Articles

If you are a university student or scholar, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the different types of academic papers and articles published by journals. From case studies to short

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