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Why Studying MBA in Europe + 5 Thing You Should Know

Businesses become more global, and many applicants consider heading abroad for an MBA in Europe and developed countries. In many cases, this is one of the best ways to expand your horizon for the future. If you want to study MBA course in Europe and have lots of questions, this article gives you all you need on this matter. Let’s get to them.


In this guide:


Why Studying MBA in Europe

Most recruiters agree that applicants with international studies outperform those without them. The top business schools attract faculty of the highest positions. Plus, top European programs perform well as many elite programs in the US.

In terms of rankings, there are multiple factors to consider as you weigh whether an MBA in Europe helps you reach your plans and goals. From studies cost to duration to brand reputation and more, keep the following in mind as you decide on this matter.

Many people targeting MBA programs in Europe cite these compelling reasons. First, the programs claim a high return on investment, as most last one year.

For example, you may complete an MBA program at Instead in as little as ten months. Compared to two-year or US MBA programs, lower tuition and opportunity costs look enticing.

But even for the more extended EU MBA programs, such as IESE Business School in Spain and London Business School in England, tuition fees are lower.

In a study conducted by SBC across its EU applicants, about 46% of respondents endorsed shorter duration and lower tuition costs.

Secondly, EU MBA programs are more global compared to most US programs. They attract students who want a great international experience with their education system. They also attract professional people planning to work in Europe after their studies.

You may consider an MBA in Europe an excellent complement to an undergraduate degree earned in your own country. It positions students for top global careers better than college and an MBA in the same region.

If your professional goal for the future is to live and work in Europe, pursuing an MBA program is one of the best introductions to local business life.

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What to Consider for Studying in Europe

This section discusses things you should consider before applying for MBA in Europe or even other countries worldwide. Let’s get to them:


Work Visas

The two-year, post-study work visa is for international students graduating in summer 2021 or later, which will make it simpler for new MBAs to find jobs and employers to hire them.

It is precious at a time when the US’s political situation, and recent H1B Visa restrictions, have deterred some international students from venturing to the US, MBA programs in Europe suddenly seem much more attractive to international students.


Specialized Industry Recruiting

MBA hopefuls may also like specialized industry recruiting where the EU has the edge over the United States. While the US is the hub of the technology industry, Europe dominates the fintech industry.

London is considered the world’s fintech capital because of the banking passport legislation governing Europe and standardizing products across 27 countries.

Europe also has an advantage over the United States in the fintech industry because the US must contend with legislation that changes state by state and can impede digital banking.



For some MBA international students, the relative competitiveness of the schools is another factor. Coronavirus visa issues may have impacted this and forced US institutions to change their approach.

European colleges and universities are more open to having more significant international students, particularly from Commonwealth countries. Meanwhile, United States institutions are more competitive for those with overrepresented backgrounds in the applicant pool.

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What are the Requirements for the European MBA Degree?

MBA demand is counter-cyclical to the economy. Therefore, demand has surged a lot. Opportunity costs have lowered. MBA applicants are usually debt-free in their twenties and can incur the charges of the education. Some professionals see the MBA programs as an escape from unemployment.

But, at a deeper level, many applicants say they need the complex knowledge inherent to MBA programs to drive the effective business changes ahead. MBA hopefuls need the degree to get the tools to thrive in the changing business scene.

Technology, supply chain, and other disciplines become reimagined within the business school environment. Many see the MBA classes of 2023 as new hopes and new beginnings.

Some people believe that the global crisis may jolt young professionals towards more meaningful careers. The MBA experience can enable that purpose-driven route.

Demand continues to increase significantly for the top MBA programs. More than that, the quality of the applicant pool concerning diversity, industry, leadership, and career visions will skyrocket in the application season.

Which is the Best MBA Program in Europe?

Brand and ranking almost always relate to applicant demand, strength of recruiting, and ROI. INSEAD, London Business School, Saïd Business School, and Judge Business School are in higher need abroad. While INSEAD and LBS are the best ranked, programs like HEC Paris, SDA Bocconi in Italy, and IESE shine in their respective home markets.

HEC has risen lately in the ranks. The Financial Times 2019 rankings had the first European MBA program, the third globally, and the first EMBA. The FT rankings are considered the most genuine and appreciated. So, if someone plans to work in Paris, HEC has a great network and can tap into its premier undergraduate network.

Imperial College Business School of London is also another watch, especially for innovation, science, and engineering. They’re very active in the B-school community, establishing the annual EdTech forum and leading in Europe on flexible contributions. Like Oxford and Cambridge, Imperial gains from the strong base and brand of the great university.

The pure business school method of LBS and INSEAD is enticing to many MBA international candidates. But Imperial, Oxford, and Cambridge support the cross-university collaboration quite well to help expand their appeal.

How to Find the Right MBA in Europe for Myself?

Pore over the schools’ websites that interest you to learn about the curriculum, teaching methods, extracurricular offerings, and student life.

You may sign up to receive email announcements with information and admissions updates. As you consider earning an MBA study in Europe, think diligently about getting fit with personal and professional goals. Consider ranking lists and brand reputation, which is the most compelling reason for selecting an MBA program across the applicant pool.

The critical factor is career potential. Business schools have comprehensive career services, but participants themselves should drive their success. Take time and effort to set career goals before applying for a business program.

Based on those goals, choose the most suitable business schools considering all they can offer: curriculum, learning environment, business exposure, network, and career services, among other aspects. Business schools care about your success, but ultimately, your career and lifestyle are your responsibility.

Next, location and program length affect your decision. Post-MBA career choices should drive your location choices. Therefore, professionals who want to work in the EU should focus on doing their MBA in Europe.

Finally, be self-aware. The right program depends on the student’s professional profile, career aspirations, and what they do once at the program. Fitting with the performance at the program is so crucial.

Which Sectors Might Grow During Economic Crisis?

It’s too soon to know what changes occur concerning the economic crisis. We all see that MBA grads continue to gather to lucrative and popular consulting.

Likewise, tech has continued to see interest and growth among MBA programs, especially in product or product marketing manager roles.

MBA programs look for growth opportunities these days, and tech companies can offer that growth and development. The Healthcare industry also continues to expand with roles in administration and health. Fintech grows as well because of the increasing need for payment processes.

Sponsorship from companies has decreased due to cost concerns. We’ve heard that businesses such as Deloitte, which has had a solid GSAP sponsorship program for MBA applicants, have heavily curtailed their sponsorship plans due to the COVID-19 virus.

We assume far fewer companies will sponsor going forward, as it’s an expansion of a trend underway since 2008. Instead of sponsorship, we expect applicants to appreciate and actively seek an MBA tuition scholarship as a way to lower charges.

Another determinant that explains decreasing company sponsorship is that candidates often don’t want to return to the same employer post-MBA program. Many of them are eager for higher impact roles and hope to change the environment.

MBA in Europe is the epicenter of innovation and flexibility and has effectively turned with virtual social and academic-rich programming.

In many cases, the virtual method can improve the experience. It offers more robust access to recruiters, mentors, change-makers, etc., across the world who can easily communicate to educate the next generation.

There are many advantages to seeking an MBA in Europe for international students. You might be motivated by the lower tuition cost, strong ROI, global network, cultural diversity, or even language learning options.

An essential immersion experience of this kind is not without its challenges. But most participants would agree that studying abroad, especially in Europe, is financially rewarding and personally fulfilling.


MBA programs guarantee to provide a high employability rate for their graduates. Since European MBAs offer a holistic view and training upon today’s business, they increase work opportunities anywhere in Europe and any other location across the globe. Studying MBA in Europe brings you a clear future path toward your dream job.

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