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US Student Visa for Indian Students + Conditions and Requirements for 2024

us student visa for indian students

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If you’re an Indian student planning to attend university in the USA, this Abroadin guide covers how to apply for a student visa. We’ll explain the necessary documents, where to have your interview, what to know before leaving India, and what’s required after arriving in the United States. Read this article about us student visa for Indian students carefully to understand the path toward you clearly.


In this guide:

  • US Student Visa for Indian Students
  • What is the USA Study Visa Process?
  • What are the USA Study Visa Requirements?
  • Scholarships and US Student Visa for Indian Students
  • Can International Students Work while Studying in the US?
  • Conclusion


US Student Visa for Indian Students

India is the second-most common country from which many students come to study or work in the United States. Most of the students from India, around 94,000, want to study at the graduate level after completing their first degree.

The next big group is students doing an OPT internship (Optional Practical Training). These students might still be studying at their American university or have just finished their studies.

Most Indian students who go to the US, around 80%, are interested in subjects like science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM). Only a small group, about 10%, come to study business.

The states that attract the most international students, including those from India, are California, Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, Texas, and Pennsylvania. These states have more than 50,000 students from different countries.

Although the US Department of State doesn’t share the exact number of visa applications or how many were declined, they mention that more than 816,000 visas were given by US embassies and consulates in India in 2019.

us student visa for indian students

What is the USA Study Visa Process?

Getting US student visa for Indian students is relatively easy, but following all the requirements and giving yourself enough time for paperwork is essential.

Before applying for your F-1 student visa, ensure you’ve been accepted into a recognized US college or university degree program.

There are two types of student visas for Indian students going to the USA: F-1 and M-1. If you’re taking academic courses at a recognized institution for a degree, you’ll need an F-1 visa. For vocational or nonacademic classes, an M-1 visa is required. It includes university, high school, language training, and more programs.

Applying for your USA student visa online is straightforward. Follow these steps for the USA study visa process in 2024:

  • Complete the online non-immigrant visa application with form DS-160.
  • Upload a photograph within the specified size limit.
  • Fill in the required details, upload documents, and submit the application.
  • Print the application form for your visa interview.
  • Schedule a visa interview at your nearest US Consulate or Embassy. Applying from a different country may be challenging.
  • Pay the non-refundable student visa application fee of USD 160.
  • Pay the one-time SEVIS fee for F-1, J-1, or M-1 status.
  • Gather all necessary documents for the interview.
  • Attend the interview.

The time for USA study visa process varies, usually taking three to five weeks on average. Applying early allows ample processing time and the opportunity to correct mistakes.


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Once accepted, the Consulate will deliver documents of US student visa for Indian students in approximately two working days.

While international F-1 visa holders are not legally obligated to possess international medical or health insurance, it is advisable for peace of mind.

Additionally, many universities in the US mandate an active insurance plan before allowing enrollment in classes.


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What are the USA Study Visa Requirements?

You might have to wait between 12 days (in Chennai/Madras) and 36 days (in Hyderabad) to meet the interview of US student visa for Indian students.

Wait times can change, so booking your US visa appointment early is essential. The expected wait times are on the US Department of State website.

These are the most important USA study visa requirements and documents you have to provide for your visa interview:

  • A Valid passport
  • Passport-size photos
  • DS-160 and I-901 SEVIS payment confirmation pages
  • I-20 form
  • All academic documents, including diploma, school transcript, and official test scores
  • Bank statements, proofing of enough funds in India
  • Application fee payment receipt

If you need more clarification about applying for a study visa to the USA from India, you can schedule your interview at various US consulates and embassies in India.

To locate your nearest US embassy, check the links below for the US embassy and consulates in India:

If your student visa expires before your study program concludes, you can renew it following a process similar to applying for a new visa.

However, additional documents may be required, such as a photo of your visa and supporting documents from your university.


Scholarships and US Student Visa for Indian Students

If you’re an outstanding student, you can apply for scholarships at the institute or university you’re interested in. Scholarships are a great way to fund your education, and there are various options for studying in the US.


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These scholarships, offered by universities, can be need-based or merit-based. Indian students should explore different scholarship opportunities. Here are some popular ones:

Government-funded scholarships are available for Indian students, and the US government provides explicitly some of these scholarships.

Additionally, there are exclusive scholarship opportunities designed specifically for Indian students looking to pursue their studies in the USA.

These scholarships can be a valuable resource for students, offering financial support to help cover the costs of education and contribute to making international study opportunities more accessible.

Before having your US student visa for Indian students you may apply for the scholarship, and have its document among other USA study visa requirements.

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Can International Students Work while Studying in the US?

As an F-1 visa holder primarily meant for full-time students, working in the United States is generally not allowed. However, there are exceptions, particularly for internships and work related to your studies.

The permitted employment paths for international students include Optional Practical Training (OPT) or Curricular Practical Training (CPT), on-campus employment, and severe economic hardship cases.

To explore work opportunities on an F-1 visa, it’s essential to consult with your Designated School Official (DSO) for approval and guidance.

In April 2008, the Department of Homeland Security changed the rules for OPT (Optional Practical Training) for students in specific degree programs. They allowed an extension of 17 months for OPT, making it 29 months.

The reason was to fill the time gap for students who finished their OPT and didn’t have a chance to apply for an H1B visa because of certain time limits and visa restrictions. This extension gives students more time to apply for an H1B visa.

However, this extension is only for students working with companies enrolled in the E-Verify program. It applies to subjects like Actuarial Science, Computer Science Applications, Engineering, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Military Technologies, and Physical Sciences.

A complete list of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Designated Degree Programs is available for those who qualify for this extension.

us student visa for indian students


This Abroadin blog post covered all you need to know about US student visa for Indian students in 2024. However, if you have any other questions regarding the matter, feel free to leave a comment below and ask our experts. We are committed to guiding you through a brighter future.

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