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4 Sources to Find Scholarships in Europe

scholarships in Europe

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One of the first aspects of studying abroad is the costs of living and studying, which sometimes prevent people from continuing their studies. However, scholarships are the greatest gifts for serious people about higher education. This article covers scholarships and their different types and then introduces the best sources for international students to find scholarships in Europe. Let us get to them.


In this guide:

  • Types of Scholarships for International Students
  • Sources to Find Scholarships in Europe
  • Some Tips on Holding of a Scholarship
  • Conclusion


Types of Scholarships for International Students

Scholarships are the most typical form of financial aid for students, but you can also apply for other types of financial support which governments, organizations, and universities offer. We start this article with different types of scholarships and how students can benefit from them.


Merit-based Scholarships

The merit-based scholarships or fellowships are based on achievements, talents, affiliations with various groups or career aspirations.

The governments, large corporations, organizations, local businesses, or colleges and universities usually offer these scholarships.

Like need-based awards, you typically do not have to repay the money. So, the more prestigious awards tend to evaluate skills and qualities. Students should show some abilities to lead, debate, and passion for serving their community.

Each fellowship has its eligibility criteria to meet to continue your studies. Let us review some of them:


Scholarships by Universities

The measures by which universities deliver scholarships are academic excellence, and they are offered under a specific age limit, for example, under 35 years old. In addition, you find out there are special scholarship offers for each level.

In Switzerland, for example, you find more scholarships available for a Ph.D. and fewer for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

The scholarship can cover accommodation costs and health insurance at some international colleges and universities.

In Sweden, scholarships cover tuition fees, living expenses, travel fees, and insurance depending on the organization offering them.


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In France, some scholarship-holders receive a monthly allowance, and the scholarship covers other expenses such as return trips and health insurance. Still, it does not cover tuition fees because they are already deficient.

Here are some European universities providing the most significant number of scholarships:

  • The University of Oxford in the UK,
  • The University of Bristol in the UK,
  • The University of Bologna in Italy,
  • Uppsala University in Sweden,
  • Utrecht University in the Netherlands.


Scholarships by the Government | Find Scholarships in Europe

Most government scholarships last for three, six, or nine months, and the scholarship holders are exempt from tuition fees. There are some mandatory criteria to receive this type of scholarship:

  • Knowledge of a particular language;
  • Students must be under a specific age limitation;
  • The given institution requires some educational qualifications.


In the United Kingdom, some of the government scholarships cover the following:

  • Tuition fees;
  • Monthly living allowance;
  • Return airfare to and from the UK;
  • Additional grants and allowances to cover expenses.


Sports Scholarships

If you want to be a member of the university team, you must be ready for a scholarship, most times offered by the given university. The good news is you do not necessarily have to be very good at sports!

Sometimes local organizations and groups may offer these scholarships, looking at criteria such as community service.

Europe highly values football since football competitions at various levels bring excellent income to the continent’s countries. Football scholarships in Europe are available for bachelors, masters, and keen on football; many football scholarships subsidize the cost of education and promote the student’s football career.

These are the top 10 football scholarships in Europe:

  • Soccer scholarships, National University of Ireland;
  • Scholarship “Your Chance,” MSM International Football Academy;
  • BU Sport Scholarship, Bournemouth University;
  • Sports Scholarships, Newcastle University;
  • International Sports Scholarship Program, University of Stirling;
  • Women’s Soccer Scholarship, UCLAN;
  • Sports Scholarship, London South Bank University;
  • University Sports Scholarship Scheme, University of Kent;
  • Brunel University Sports Scholarship, Brunel University;
  • Sports Scholarships, University of Manchester.


Need-based Scholarships

Need-based scholarships or grants are financial aid that does not have to be repaid. Compared to merit-based scholarships, grants are primarily need-based.

Grants or bursaries are based on financial circumstances but may also consider other factors, such as mental or physical disabilities.

This financial aid does not need to be paid back either, and its value most times vary from $500 to $2500.


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The Department of Education offers many grants to students who attend four-year universities, community colleges, and career schools in the US.

In Germany, there are different kinds of merit-based grants. Each institution awarding the merit scholarship determines its exact amount and duration. For example, the University of Hamburg offers students a grant of 720 EUR to 1000 EUR per month for two semesters.

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Specific Scholarships | Find Scholarships in Europe

Most specific scholarships are given to international students with a particular ethnic background or family affiliations. These scholarships benefit gender or ethnic minorities.

For this reason, there are several scholarships dedicated explicitly to Asian-Americans, African-Americans, and Hispanics.

In some countries, such as Belgium, France, and the US, the local government provides scholarships to students from certain countries. For example, Belgium offers special scholarships to African, South American, and Asian applicants.

These programs also help minority students pursue an education in fields where they have been historically under-represented.

Some organizations provide scholarships to students with mental or physical disabilities, learning disabilities, and debilitating health conditions.

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Student Prizes

Student prizes are a certain amount of money, which will not technically support your studies, but it can be considered a form of financial aid.

Student prizes are usually one-time awards, ranging from a couple of hundred to several thousand dollars or euros.

Student prizes can be offered as follows:

  • For academic achievements;
  • For the best paper in a broad range of studies;
  • To reward performance in undergraduate examinations;
  • Awarded based on the results of examinations;
  • Rewarding outstanding work or thesis and general performance.


You can also win a prize and take a scholarship for the following year or receive the title of a scholar if you are about to graduate.

Sources to Find Scholarships in Europe

Not only do scholarships get you abroad faster and with more money in your pocket, but they are also a great way to focus on the reasons why you want to study abroad and the goals you hope to accomplish while you are there.

These are some sources to find scholarships in Europe for international students:


1. Erasmus+ to Find Scholarships in Europe

Erasmus+ helps organize student and doctoral candidate exchanges within Erasmus+ Program countries and Partner countries.

By studying abroad with Erasmus+, you may improve your language, communication, and intercultural skills and gain abilities highly valued by future employers.

When starting on the job market, you can also merge your period spent studying abroad with a traineeship to gain work experience.

Opportunities to study abroad are available to international students at short cycle Bachelor, Master levels, and Doctoral candidates. Master students taking a full degree abroad may benefit from an EU-guaranteed Erasmus+ Master Loan.

Access to Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support helps you learn the language used for your studies if you move between Program countries.

For more information, you may look at Erasmus+’s official website.


2. Eurodesk Opportunity Finder

The Eurodesk Program Database selects students based on talent/merit and diversity criteria. Look at their conditions and build a robust application.

To find scholarships in Europe for international students, check the Eurodesk Opportunity Finder official website.


3. European Education Area

You can look at the official websites of ministries in charge of education for scholarships and grants for international students.

For example, Germany offers funding via DAAD; you may study in Hungary with the Balassi Institute and apply for Malta’s Sports and Endeavour scholarship schemes.

For more information, look at European Education Area official website.


4. Scholarship Portal to Find Scholarships in Europe

The Scholarship Portal contains over a thousand scholarships in all countries worldwide. Select your desired degree and level, from high school to post-doctoral, the country you are from, and where you want to continue your studies, and the search engine spits out the scholarships that match your situation.

Some higher education institutions offer scholarships to attract the best international students or specific groups, such as women in business schools. You should check the official websites of the schools you are interested in; they usually have a page dedicated to finding scholarships in Europe for international students.

For more information, you may check StudyPortals’ official website.


Some Tips on Holding of a Scholarship

Preparing a scholarship application is essential too. It takes some endeavor and attention to detail, but it will all be worth it when you get that check in the mail.

Start applying for scholarships and grants as early as you can. Most application deadlines are at the first days of the year when the course starts, so do not wait until the spring if you want a scholarship for September.

Get organized! Make a list of the deadlines you do not want to miss, and do not wait until the last day to write your application. It takes some time, but it will all be worth it when you get that funding money and start your path.

Apply for as many grants as possible, provided you are eligible. You might think there will be so many applications that you do not stand a chance, but if you do not apply, you might miss the opportunity of a lifetime. You never know! Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Stay calm if you do not get your scholarship. Try again for the next year, or think about other ways of funding your ideas.

scholarships in Europe


Scholarships are gifts. They do not need to be repaid. There are thousands of them offered by universities, employers, individuals, private companies, nonprofits, communities, and professional and social organizations. This article introduces some sources to find scholarships in Europe for international students. In addition, some tips on how to get a hold of a scholarship.

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